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1st Grade Tooth Tally Project

The Tooth Tally Project
Welcome to our 1st grade Tooth Tally Project! In this unit, we will be learning all about technology, using the theme of the Tooth Fairy! This was an International Learning Activity I used in the past. Although the website and activites that were provided years ago are no longer in existance, it was such a fun project that I decided to bring it back for our Adelphia students! Using "lost tooth" data that we will be collecting, students will practice counting, collecting data, making graphs, using descriptive writing, develop mapping skills and sharing their experiences online with you I hope you will check back regularly to see all of our updates on our journey through the Tooth Tally Project!
Tooth Fairy Drawings
Following a Description
One of our very fisrt activities of the Tooth Tally Project is to use a drawing app to draw a picture of a Tooth Fairy, based on specific descriptions given to them. Students had to follow the descriptions of the different Tooth Fairy's character traits to make their picture. They had the option to use the apps ShowMe or FreeForm to complete this activity.
Tooth Fairy Drawings
What I Think the Tooth Fairy Looks Like
The next activity in our unit is to draw what THEY think the Tooth Fairy might look like! Check out all of these amazing drawings!!
Students learned where to find the letters on the online keyboard by typing a short Tooth Fairy Poem
We learned about important parts of a spreadsheet by identifying columns, rows and cells! We even learned how to identify each one by their names when playing a game of Kahoot to find them 😁
Our Class Photo Collages
Check out this class photo collage of all of our missing teeth! Don't forget to check back at the end of the year to see the difference!!