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At Adelphia School, we believe that every child has the ability to succeed! This belief is the driving force that empowers our students to strive for excellence. We recognize that every student who enters our school is a unique individual. We celebrate all of the wonderful attributes that a child brings to our program, and use those strengths as building blocks for future growth and development.

All of our highly qualified teachers take great pride in their ability to make each and every day an adventure in learning. It is through their individual creativity and tremendous work ethic that they design lessons that engage and challenge our students on a daily basis. With high expectations, specific goals are set for each lesson based on students’ individual needs. By differentiating instruction in this manner, we are able to develop lesson plans that address the vast spectrum of skill levels in each class so that every child is challenged accordingly. A variety of exciting learning activities are created to address curriculum goals, yet still make instruction interesting and exciting. When students are excited about school, we know their motivation to learn will increase. By developing a love of learning early in a child’s academic career, our students will effectively face life challenges with tremendous confidence, for they know they can solve any problem placed along the pathway to success.

We are very proud of our students! Their strong desire to learn is always encouraged and high expectations are firmly set. With these elements in place, our teachers work diligently to ensure that all of their lesson plans are clearly aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.

Our PTA is an extension of our school community. Working in concert with the school’s administration and teachers, our PTA works in a supportive manner to expand upon our district programs. Throughout the year, it provides our students with several family oriented activities. Many of our parents also enjoy volunteering their time in classrooms to support the learning experiences at Adelphia School. It is through these types of parent-teacher interactions that partnerships grow strong and a shared vision for academic achievement is fostered. We are very fortunate to have such a caring and supportive community.

Adelphia School has set a high standard for excellence. It is through the efforts of many, that our students are able to achieve tremendous success. Working together, we have established a caring yet challenging learning environment that encourages children to set individual goals and supports them on the road to achievement.