2nd Grade

Please see below for the activity of the week!
To access your student portfolio in the Special Areas Class, please go to dojo.me and enter the code below. This code will remain active for 48 hours. 
Yay!! It's the last day of school and you all worked so hard this year! I am so proud of each and every one of you! I hope you have the most amazing summer and I can't wait to see you next school year!

2nd Graders - I will miss you, but know you will do amazing work in 3rd grade! ClassDojo will always be here for you to keep us posted on all the great things you are doing πŸ’™

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, care-takers, siblings, friends and family members who helped us make it through this unfamiliar time. We appreciate all of your help and hard work too! We couldn't have been as successful without you! Enjoy your summer (no more teaching) break!
2nd Grade Week of June 15th

Good Morning 2nd Graders! This week is Reward Week! Feel free to go back and use any of the sites we have used this year to reward yourself for all of your hard work! You have all done an amazing job working through remote learning and now is the time to enjoy something fun you like to do from class! Happy Reward Week!!


2nd Grade Week of June 8th
Good Morning! This week and next week will be used for catching up with any previous activities you haven't had a chance to get to or for you to check out some live webcams on animals at the San Diego Zoo in California. Use the link below to watch the animals live as they eat, sleep and see how they spend their day. When you are done, you can send me a message or video of your favorite one if you would like. Also, If you would like to keep exploring, feel free to check out the other tabs at the top of the screen to see information about other animals, stories, activities and games. Have fun exploring the world of animals! πŸ˜πŸ§πŸ¦’πŸΌ
2nd Grade Week of June 1st
Good Morning and Happy June! Thank you to everyone who participated in the SumDog County Contest last week! You did an amazing job! Remember, you can always use SumDog when you feel like practicing. There might even be one more contest for us to enter before school ends. 
This week, try out the new Cloud Chaos online game that goes along with the new Netsmartz video you watched on Internet Safety. When you are done, if you would like to complete a word search, there is one below for you to do! Have fun and Use Your Netsmartz!
2nd Grade Week of May 25th
Good Morning 2nd Graders!! I hope you enjoyed your long Memorial Day weekend! This week we are going to be to be concentrating on working on our SumDog contest. Please login to your SumDog account and complete some questions to help your class get on the county scoreboard! Remember, the school code is adelphia. We will return to more Internet Safety activities next week! Here is the link for the SumDog login screen - 
2nd Grade Week of May 18th
Good Morning 2nd Graders!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! This week we are going to be starting our Internet Safety Unit. Please watch the following new Netsmartz video of Webster, Nettie, Router and Gig on their new adventure called, "Into the Cloud". This video is approximately 30 minutes long, so all you need to do is watch the video this week. I will be adding activities next week to go along with the movie and the Internet safety rules. You can send me a picture on ClassDojo of you watching the video if you would like. It always makes my day to see your faces! I hope you enjoy the new Netsmartz adventure video! 
2nd Grade Week of May 11th

Please be sure to finish the Google Map assignment below from last week before you start this one.


I had a lot of favorite places to go to when I was your age. I grew up in Howell and still visit my parents all the time that still live there. Here are two of my favorite places in the area that I used to go to all the time. Can you find them using Google Maps and then answer the 3 questions below?


Location #1 -

1. 1500 Kozlowski Rd, Freehold, NJ 07728

This first location was a favorite of mine because they had a special event there every July that my grandparents and parents would always take me and my sister to. They still have this same event there now that maybe you have been to. Do you think you might know what it is?


Location #2

2. 984 NJ 33, Freehold, NJ 07728

This location was my favorite place to got to eat...well, other than when I could have pizza! Pizza is my always my 1st choice! Maybe you have had dinner here too!


Activity - 

After you look up the locations on Google Maps, send the answers to these questions to me through ClassDojo with a picture of you at one of my favorite places:

1. Have you ever been to either of my favorite places?

2. If you answered yes to #1, why did you go there?

3. If you answered yes to #2, what do you order to eat when you go there?


Now you get to give me a Remote Learning assignment. Homework for ME! If you have a favorite place you like to go to in the area, look up the address in Google Maps and send it to me. I'll see if I can find it! Please do not use a home address.


I hope you enjoy this activity! Have a great week! πŸ’™


2nd Grade Weeks of May 4th & May 11th

Good Morning 2nd Graders! Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? How many places do you think you can identify in this next activity?


You will need these two resources to complete this activity - Google Maps and the Google Maps Mystery Worksheet. Please read all of the directions first and then explore Google Maps with a parent or older sibling by using this link - https://www.google.com/maps/

and the file attached below  ꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜꜜ


The document worksheet above will give you a a list of addresses to discover.


Step 1

Type the first address (Remember to use the homerow when typing!) in the google map search bar.


Step 2

Drag the "gold pegman" onto your map. You will be following the roads that the Google truck drove on. **When you drag him next to the location on the map (the red marker), make sure the green circle touches a blue line when you go to drop him. Here is a picture of the pegman - you will find him in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Step 3

Use the arrow keys or a mouse to look around each area. All of the places are public places in Howell Township. Do not look for Wendy's, ShopRite, or any clothing stores. Today we aren’t shopping πŸ˜€. Make sure you keep track of what location you found.


Step 4


Take a picture of yourself pointing to a picture of your favorite location (from the list) on your computer. Be sure to send it to me through your portfolio on ClassDojo! I love seeing your pictures!


Step 5

Send me a list of the names of each place you visited (#1 - #7). There are two options for sending me your answers.


Option 1

1.) Login to your ClassDojo portfolio by first going to dojo.me and enter the code. It is posted on my webpage if you need a new one -  Mrs. Kulpinski's Adelphia School Webpage  and is also updated in ClassDojo every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Once you are in your portfolio, go to the Journal icon and write down the answers with the numbers next to it. Don’t forget to put your name and class at the top so I know it is yours. Here is an example - click on the pictures them to see them better.

Option 2

You can print the paper or just write your answers on a paper and send it to me through ClassDojo as a photo of your work OR you can even send me a video recording with you telling me the places you found, reading your answers from 1 to 8.


This assignment will take you more than one class, so work at your own pace. It is fine if it takes 2 or 3 weeks to finish. There is no rush to finish it!


Happy Driving and be sure to click your seatbelt on your Google Maps journey 😊


2nd Grade Weeks of April 20th & 27th
Good Morning! I hope you are all still staying well and enjoyed your Spring Break!
To close out the month of April, the next two weeks we are going to focus on keyboarding and learn exactly what fingers are used for which letters. Remember when you are practicing, keep your left hand on the left side of the keyboard and your right hand on the right side. If your hands are placed correctly on the keyboard, you should always be able to see the letters G and H on the home row (the middle row of letters).
Everyone works at their own pace and remember Special Area activities should only be 20 minutes a week, so if you don't finish a lesson this week, finish it next week. Right now typing is not about your speed and finishing a lot of lessons. It is about learning how to keyboard properly. Using the correct fingers for the letters is more important than rushing through the lesson just to get to the next one! I will be able to see all your progress as you are working, but I would also love to see a picture of you practicing your lessons. Please send me some on ClassDojo!
Below are the directions for getting into the typing program - there are a couple of steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Enter your username name (your first initial and last name - no spaces)
Example - vkulpinski
Step 3
Enter your password (your 1st initial, last initial and student id number - send me a message if you need it)
Example - vk971717
Step 4
Scroll to the bottom of the first screen and look for the blue Typing.com icon under more apps. This should automatically log you in. If you have any trouble, please let me know.
Step 5
Begin your lessons with J, F and space and when you finish that one, take a break with a typing game by clicking on GAMES at the top of the screen. When you are ready for your next lesson, click back on the word LESSONS at the top and RESUME your practice.
**Remember, right now we are working on hand placement, not speed 😊
2nd Grade Week of April 6, 2020
Good Morning! I hope you are all still staying well and enjoyed your weekend! The week before the holiday break is always a 'Reward Week" for my classes. We take this class period to take little break from all of our hard work and enjoy an educational game we like to play in the lab. I would like to continue this for this week. Please use your computer time to show someone in your home how you can make amazing sand art using This is Sand, or try to get to the next level in your coding or typing lessons. It is your choice! Here is the link to my Symbaloo page. I am hoping all sites will work for you like they do in class - https://mrskulpinski.symbaloo.com
Remember, I love seeing what you are doing at home. Feel free to post a picture back to me, using ClassDojo, so I can see what you did during your Reward Day!

2nd Grade Week of March 30, 2020
Good Morning 2nd grade families! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! This week I am attaching the link to the Computer Parts Kahoot! game. Students may need some assistance in reading the questions and answers, so please use this as a option for the week. They can always continue using the links provided on the Remote Learning page to continue their coding, typing or whatever activity they would like to explore. I am hoping while they can do this individually for their first round, that maybe they can challenge you or someone in your family as family activity for fun for more practice! We were in the middle of still learning about spreadsheets, so some questions may be new. I'm pretty confident that they will still be able to figure them out! have fun playing! 😊
Pin in case it asks for it - 0386770
This will be available for play until April 24th at 3pm
2nd Grade Week of March 23, 2020
Hi 2nd Grade Families! I hope you are all staying well and managing this new way of learning from home. I am going to post here to try and make it easier for you to see what the activities are for your child for this week. Please know any of the websites listed under the REMOTE LEARNING link are always an option for extra practice in navigating the computer, as well as, mastering content that we have been working on in class together.
This week is focusing on The Week of The Young Child. The 2nd Grade activity this week, is an offline activity. Please see the video attached below. Also, please remember when completing any of these activities, please use resources you already have on hand. None of the activities are meant for you to have to go get anything. Use that you have :) 
2nd Graders, after you watch the Kodable video above, please create your own 4 step algorithm (set of directions) and share it with a family member for them to try and figure it out. You can make cards too to share with the class when we get to go back to school OR you can share them with me on your ClassDojo portfolio. You can post pictures on the Portfolio tab so I can see what you have done. Don't worry if you can't figure it out, we can always share at another time :) When you are done creating your algorithm activity, you can go back to your typing practice or use another website you enjoy. You can send me pictures of that too! I would love to see them!