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Food/Celebration Procedures

As most of you are aware, our district’s nutrition policy emphasizes the importance of healthy eating habits. With increased student populations presenting various health issues, edible treats coming into the school have become increasingly difficult to manage in a safe and healthy manner.   As such, we will recognize birthdays in unique and creative ways in the classrooms through special privileges, activities, etc. We ask that if you choose to send in a celebratory item, that it be a non-food item, such as a favorite book to share with the class, pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc. Teachers will be making an increased effort to explore unique ways to make classroom celebrations special for your child.

Additionally, we will allow the child who is celebrating a birthday to invite a special someone for lunch on his or her special day. A special someone may be a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc. Please call the main office in advance to notify the school of the day that the special guest is coming in.  The special guest can choose to bring his or her own lunch or purchase lunch from the school cafeteria. Food brought to school will be for personal and birthday child’s consumption only. The invited guest will not be permitted to bring in balloons or extra food items during their visit to share with anyone except their special birthday child.   Lunch periods are 30 minutes long and the lunch guest must exit the building immediately following lunchtime. We respectfully ask that the selected guest adhere to the scheduled lunch period. Please note that pictures are not permitted to be taken of other students while in school. Our lunch schedule is as follows:

 11:04 – 11:34: Kindergarten

11:45 – 12:15: Grade 1

12:26 – 12:56: Grade 2

We also recognize that celebrating special class events with healthy snacks is an important part of the classroom experience, yet we need to strike a balance. Therefore, students will have healthy treats at both the winter and spring celebrations. Your child’s teacher will provide ideas for what healthy, safe food items are able to be enjoyed by all students. Your support will make this approach to celebrations an inclusive experience for all of our children at Adelphia. This affords an opportunity to promote healthy habits and enable the children to enjoy special days.

Additionally, each day the students may have a snack during class time. Your child’s teacher may provide a list of suggested snack ideas that would be considered “safe snacks” for all students in the class. Please understand this suggested list is for your child’s daily classroom snack to assure the safety of all students. When students visit the cafeteria for lunch additional snack items not mentioned on the suggested list are of course permissible.

The PTA will be providing ice pops and one pizza party to each class this year. Your child’s teacher will inform you as to when this celebration will occur. *Please note that a permission slip will be sent home with your child and parent consent must be given to participate.

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in this effort.

Please understand that siblings may not visit the school while you are volunteering or attending special events at Adelphia School. This presents a safety concern and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you!