Linda Gonzalez » Welcome to Mrs. Gonzalez' First Grade Class

Welcome to Mrs. Gonzalez' First Grade Class

Hello!  My name is Linda Gonzalez and I am your child's first grade teacher. It is my duty and privilege to influence the lives of the students I come in contact with-all of whom are capable of learning; all of whom are individuals with needs, interests and abilities that require a special combination of instruction, inspiration and insight.  

I do not consider teaching to be a job, but a career- one in which the rewards do not come monetarily, but in the gratification of seeing baby steps and maybe even the giant leaps made by the students as I guide them through the journey of learning!

I am a teacher and I do not profess to have all the answers.  I do not boast of knowing all the right techniques or methods.  However, I do promise that I will always do my best to help your child succeed.  I also encourage parents  to be supportive and helpful.  We are a team that must work together and rely on each other at anytime. I hope to create a positive, happy environment where students feel comfortable and are willing to respond in class.   Please know that I am your partner and I am willing to work with you throughout the school year.