Sites to Visit

Here are some great websites to visit...

                                    (check back every so often for more)



Letter Writing Movies:

                     lowercase Letter Formation Videos the

                     Wilson Fundation Way


Shoe Tying Videos:

      Tying shoes song video --

      2 ends through a hole in the middle

      2 color shoe lace technique

      Loop the Loop Method (one more way to tie shoes)

       The Ian Knot:  A two step shoe tying process

     A New Way to Tie Shoes

         Another look a the same strategy

        This website gives parents more information and suggestions.



Math Fact Fluency Games


Other helpful sites


                     Great learning games (free on the computer with this website / costs on the app)



            A great website that allows students to listen

            to a story read aloud to them.



            This is a great website to get kids up and



A great child friendly search engine: