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Counselor's Responsibilities

Working with Students


Student Referrals

I receive referrals to see students from many people:
   * Teacher   * Parent   * Administrator   * I&RS Committee
  * Child Study Team   * Student self-referral 
Sometimes a student's peers will even make me aware of a student who may be going through something or may need someone to talk to.

Why do students get referred?

Students are referred to me for a variety reasons such as:  struggling academically, having trouble socially, death in the family, major life change (divorce, moving, illness), coping with stress and/or anxiety, difficulty resolving conflict, and difficulty with friendships.  I am a resource in the school for students who may be facing a challenge of any kind. 

What happens when a student is referred to Ms. Rosen?

I will meet with the student to get a feel for what they are going through and how they are doing.  Based on the initial meeting I will determine what kind of school-based counseling, if any, the student may need.  If appropriate I will also make a phone call home to the student's parents to let them know I met with their child and to discuss any concerns and a plan for moving forward.

School-Based Counseling


Consult (as needed): This is a check-in periodically throughout the school year.

Short-term counseling: This type of counseling happens for a period of time (typically 4-6 weeks) to support the student through a challenging time academically and/or social/emotionally

Parent permission

If I think school-based counseling is appropriate for your child, I will reach out to get parent permission to see your child regularly.

Outside resources

School-based counseling is sometimes not enough to fully support the social/emotional needs of a child. I will have a conversation with the student's parents if outside counseling may be appropriate.  If a parent is interested in seeking outside help, I am able to provide a list of resources available in the area.

Lunch groups

At times I may invite a group of students in to have lunch in my office.  These groups are informal and happen throughout the school year.  They are mostly an opportunity for me to get to know the students on an informal level.  Typically we will do a "share" and then play a game.  Sometimes groups of friends will ask to eat with me if they need help resolving a conflict within their group.